Tailor. Cross-platform static analyzer and linter for Swift.

A static analysis and lint tool for source code written in Apple's Swift programming language. It analyzes your code to ensure consistent styling and help avoid bugs.

Tailor supports Swift 3 out of the box and helps enforce style guidelines outlined in the The Swift Programming Language, GitHub, Ray Wenderlich, and Coursera style guides.

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Requires Java (JRE or JDK) Version 8 or above: Java SE Downloads

brew install tailor
Mac OS X (10.10+), Linux
curl -fsSL https://sleekbyte.github.io/tailor/install.sh | sh
Windows (10+)
iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('https://sleekbyte.github.io/tailor/install.ps1')


Run Tailor with a list of files and directories to analyze, or via Xcode.

$ tailor [options] [--] [[file|directory] ...]



Tailor may be used on Mac OS X via your shell or integrated with Xcode, as well as on Linux and Windows.

  Colourized Output

Coloured console

  Automatic Xcode Integration

Tailor may be automatically integrated with Xcode projects as a Build Phase Run Script using the --xcode option.

tailor --xcode /path/to/demo.xcodeproj/

This adds the following Build Phase Run Script to your project's default target.

Xcode Build Phase Run Script



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